Is it normal to buy one more item of clothing and that's it?

I've got enough clothes as it is so I bought this $30 jacket with wooden buttons and a gold zip at an African shop, and I'm buying a rainbow suit jacket on the internet (it costs $133.77) and that's it, that's my last item of clothing. I have plenty of clothes as it is and I don't need any more, and concerning expensive clothes, would this be normal?

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  • I've got plenty of clothing as well. I gave some of it to Savers recently since it wasn't anything I was using.

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  • I love finding second hand bargains! I can search for ages for the perfect top at a cut price, that hardly looks like it has been worn.

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  • I want to get some gear to wear in the rain that makes me look like Paddington Bear!

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  • Yes and good for the environment too especially if you buy new clothes. I am completely flooded with clothes so I am not planning on buying more either. If I do i'll throw out an old piece of clothing.

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    • Thank you, I'll keep this in mind, and I suppose buying just one more item of clothing is the sensible thing to do.

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