Is it normal to believe in something higher in spirit?

I know my previous non-beliefs are profound, and my now beliefs developed from them, unlike religion, aren't pseudo-profound, but are profound. Believing in nothing is profound, and you can safely say is higher in spirit, even higher in spirit is the great unknown/great beyond, which, as you and I know, most people are afraid of it! I'm obviously vastly unknown and foreign to the United States, and, if you go to Australia, you'll find me quite friendly and familiar. So, here it goes: I've believed in a better dimension, a higher spirituality, Transcendental Meditation, and celebrating silence. It's really other people's minds I'm probing into, trying to find where the heart lies, mainly religion, and why their minds create these realities, even if they don't exist to certain other minds, and why nonreligious people frown upon belief in anything spiritual whatsoever, it's a psychological game, and a war of wits, as to how these minds work, and why people freak out at them, all for the sake of my own spiritual health, of course, I'm killing two birds with one stone: I'm referring to the use of the Four Humors, and fusing it with spiritual awareness, for my sanity. My science is the result of a year with a truth experiment over spirit, and years of learning philosophy. So I probe again: I'm new to this science, because I haven't got the books yet, but I have an ebook on spiritualism and how minds of the dead can communicate with live people, it's been proven through my scrying in a black mirror (communicating with my dead maternal grandmother), she said the gold is mine. But the new spiritual systems I now believe in are certainly higher in spirit, as the soul, the immaterial part of man involved in it, are having their spirits lifted and causing a heightened state of emotion, so it's certainly good for the soul, is any of this normal?

Is It Normal?
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