Is it normal to believe in pre-existence?

The day you started to realize you're conscious, have you thought that you existed before that?

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  • I remember the exact moment I realised that I was able to think in words. I was about 4 and I was behind the armchair in our living room and I was like "so this is what thinking is"

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  • I don't remember floating around in my daddies junk.

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  • I don't remember when I realized I could think, but I remember when I discovered I could move my eyeballs. I was 2 or 3. I just sat there moving them back and forth and up and down thinking how cool it was that I could control my eyes and not have to turn my head.

    I was 7 or 8 when I realized I could die and freaked out a bit. And then I came to terms with it and was able to sleep again. It took one night.

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    • I got really scared when someone told me that I could die too. I think I was in the first grade. It was really scary, and I kept on denying it.

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      • That is normal child development. When one is between the ages of 7 and 8, you started to fully understand the permanence of death. This is one reason to have pets at a young age.

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  • Nik, your itallian hit.
    cracks me up.
    Im curious about dreams.
    It says nothing about prelife.
    But its like I go places and know people Ive never met in this life.
    Its so real.
    I have a hard time thinking its just random crap floating in my brain while I sleep.
    But, yea.
    Nothing related to my own pre existance.

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    • It is a cool thought to have. I believe in God, but in the Indian religion there is something considered dreamtime that I am not able to fully understand at the moment.

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      • You do believe in God? I really want to also, but somebody on this site told me that there is solid 100% proof of no afterlife. I'm really hoping that's not true, what do you think of that?

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    • Dreams are just old subconscious memories. Pre sperm and egg no idea about that. I'm pretty sure my 4 celled self, and I was pretty then hehe, has no recolection.

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      • True, and the complexity of neurology.

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      • Nik, odd subconscious memories don't explain my dreams.
        Like feeling my consciousness being near someone in the dream.
        I hear their words.
        know their backstory.
        and sometimes can read their thoughts.
        People Ive never met in real life.
        Once in a while, rarely.
        I become conscious in my dream.
        I become aware.
        Its incredible, but short.
        You can walk through walls.
        Be invisible.
        just create whatever you picture in your mind.
        I want to fly, but I havent gotten to that point yet
        I havent gotten there.
        But there is a point where your dream state can allow your spirit to leave your body.
        It can be dangerous though.
        That level takes a mediditation and calm I havent reached yet.
        Some would call it remote viewing.

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  • I don't remember shot before I was 5 and since then it's gotten murkier.

    I think however, you are delving into notions we may feel and yes it's natural.

    I don't think a self aware brain can comprehend itself not existing, so we come up with rationalizations for before and after death.

    My personal belief is we have no idea. I have no memory of life prior to being born or up to about 5. I doubt I will know when I am dead. I do think however that matter gets redistributed in other forms, but taking memory whatever memory is, is another thing altogether.

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    • so do you think that if a tree for example were to pass away that it could back to be a human. I may be wrong of your interpretation, but I think it is a cool thought.

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    • Interesting food for thought.

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    • Nik, given a safe environment Id like to try any drug known to man to get me into the dream state for a prolonged period of time.
      Maybe figure it out and come to terms with the things that go on while Im asleep.
      Theres not many I would trust to be that open to.
      My skeletons are my own.
      I fear revealing to much if Im in to altered of state.

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      • It's best not to stare too far into the abyss.

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        • Is it possible that you don't exist?

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          • Just me? Doubtful. Any of us? Well anything is possible.

            In the grand scheme of things tho, my 50-80 years here won't make any difference, so I may as well not exist. Even if I was the greatest human ever, my accomplishments wouldn't mean anything when you consider the universe.

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            • Nik, you slapped whorgie pretty well.
              You matter to some of the others that are only here for a micro-dot.

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  • I really hope that there's an afterlife. Somebody on this site told me today that there's solid 100% proof of no afterlife. I hope so much that's not true. What do you think? Please say that there is no solid proof of no afterlife. There is at least a fraction of a chance of one, isn't there?

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    • I'm only one person.
      I can't honestly answer your query.
      I have my own faith.
      You have yours.
      If I die and there is, OK.
      If not, Im chill with that too.

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      • You are saying that you have a faith though, it sounds, that's hopeful enough. Well, your response is better than those who act like they know everything and insist that it's a proven fact that there isn't an afterlife. And I'm seeing several people on this page now besides you also not saying that. That helps me feel more chill

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        • I have my own faith.
          What amazes me is how each sect of each religion.
          Thinks they and they alone have the answer.
          " In my house there are many rooms.
          If it were different I would have told you so "
          I fully expect to see muslims, shintos, Confusiests? Aztecs, even a few jews in heaven.
          The fool is the the person who thinks their religion is the only one.
          If I'm wrong.
          I'm wrong. God will judge me.
          knowone else.
          To your point, I will die well.
          If thats the end.
          I die in peace.

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  • Pre-existence, I'm Buddhist, our whole religion is based on it.

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  • Its possible. No one fuckin knows everyone tries to act like they have it all figured out

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