Is it normal to believe in jesus and salvation

I Don't Really Care What people Think Of Me I'll Always Believe In God But I'm Wondering How Many Others Think Its Normal To Baptist

Is It Normal?
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  • Here’s the thing.

    There’s 2 choices: Believe that all of this is arbitrary, that the earth, trees, animals, people, planets and universe have no purpose. That when you die, existence for you ceases, and you have no consciousness. <- Bleak. Dark. Pretty sad when you think about it.

    2. Believe that there is a God who, with great purpose and great skill, specifically designed everything and everyone. Purpose: Glorify Him and find our satisfaction, purpose, and drive in Him. Love Him. Live in eternity with Him. Or, choose to reject Him and spend eternity apart from Him.

    I believe in God. If I’m wrong, then it’s 100% fine, because in the process of serving God, I’ve loved and helped people in my lifetime and that’s worth it.

    If I didn’t believe in God and I was wrong, then it’s 100% NOT fine, because it does have eternal consequences like going to hell. Really sucks when you think about it. I mean we create movies, video games, books, music. All with different purposes in mind, but yes, with a purpose. We are creators. Wouldn’t our Creator do the same thing? Make all this with a purpose?

    It’s pretty simple, really. If life has no purpose, no problem. If life has a purpose, then I better make dang sure I’m following and fulfilling that purpose. And God calls us all to do our purposes. There’s gotta be a reason that so many people oppose Christianity; because it’s true.

    If it weren’t true, wouldn’t it have been wiped out by now? The Roman Empire lit Christians on FIRE while they were still alive for refusing to deny God. That should tell you something.

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  • It's obviously normal to believe in god, or jesus, or whoever. I personally, am pagan. But I think that all of the gods are here and everyone has a right, and are right to believe and worship any god

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  • It's not normal to capitalize every word.

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