Is it normal to believe in a god but think there's no afterlife?

So I've been like this for as long as I can remember, I'm Christian and my whole family is Christian but being from the Middle East I know NO ONE who believes there's nothing in the afterlife. I don't rely on a god to solve my problems and only believe in the empty nothingness that comes after death.. Is this normal?

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  • I have the same feelings, enough of my prayers have been answered to convince me there is a God. As much as I want to believe in an afterlife I have no compelling evidence. With that said, without a radio, I wouldn't have any evidence of radio waves. Maybe I just don't have the right radio to pick up the afterlife.

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  • When was it ever normal to believe in a God? And what Afterlife? The only person who can solve your problems is yourself.

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  • There is for sure an "afterlife" or however you want to frame it. I was the biggest sceptic , proof needing, science driven person, but i have heard from people that have passed via a medium. I always thought it was hokey but without a shadow of a doubt our loved ones are somewhere beyond and theyre okay. Define god or whatever as you will, I know for sure.

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    • You're seriously suggesting that was a "medium" told you is proof of anything except the fact that you're very gullible and some was conning you and I'll bet for money, right?

      "For sure" and "without a shadow of a doubt"? Really?

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    • I hope our animals are too tho

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  • Sounds Jewish actually.

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  • I believe in an afterlife. I also hope that there will be animals there. Heaven without cats, and dogs would be not so great.

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