Is it normal to become nervous for my first time drinking alcohol?

Yesterday, I was nervous about drinking Budweiser but then I drank the whole thing and enjoyed it.

Is this normal though?

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  • Nope

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  • I dunno, I'm Catholic, have never been a heavy drinker, and I have been drinking most of my life. I was allowed to drink small amounts of wine with family during holiday dinners as a small child, and so alcohol has never held any sort of mystique for me. I've honestly never understood what was the big deal about alcohol for some people.

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  • I’m never going to drink.

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  • I first tried alcohol at 15, it was blue WKD and I felt nothing. At 16 I tried vodka lemonade and felt nothing. At 17 I decided I was immune to drunkenness and tried a lot of gin and tonic. I did not feel nothing.

    It’s normal to be nervous. Remember that drinking alcohol is not mandatory and take it slow. Starting with beer was a good move, if you want to I’d recommend slowly moving up the alcohol content scale and having a “less is more” approach to spirits.

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  • I wasnt nervous the first time I have pictures of it still was awesome

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  • Yes

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  • Sounds normal. A lot of people see their first time drinking alcohol as some sort of rite of passage.

    Personally, I never saw the appeal in alcoholic drinks.

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