Is it normal to be worried

over the chrismas we had a friend come over for dinner . my wifes idea . we all had good day but i noticed her talking to him but touching his knee or her hand rubbing his back . .it was only later when i seen her giving him the eye that i thought it all strange . we were all chatting n having drinks and i start falling asleep well thats what they thought and i could see her nodding at him and him to follow her and him nodding back no . but i know what i seen .

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  • i thought she cheated and left you and went batshit when you tried to see other women?

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  • Yes, you are seeing signs that she is not entirely satisfied with you... and likely neither of you understand why that is.

    I highly suggest that you get 2 copies of "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman.

    Tell her that you would like to improve your relationship with her and this book was recommended for that (and it explains why most spouses get attracted to other people - and how to fix that).

    You will both likely read it at a different pace. That's OK, as long as she reads it over several weeks.

    Then apply what you have learned about yourself and each other... and you will likely be able to repair things and have a much more solid marriage.

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