Is it normal to be worried

iv been married 25 years my wife has a friend even longer but recently they had blazing row .during the row her friend said things that my wife has cheated number of times on me .she said things that happened years and years ago .times of girly holidays of been with guys .at 1st i took it as best friends been nasty then a photo was sent to me of my wife 53 in bed with a guy no more than 25 on holiday last year

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  • Why you ppl gotta come up in here showing off your education? "Blazing row" wtf does that even mean?

    But yes ALOT of women do cheat you gotta watch them.

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  • People cheating on their SO is all to common.

    People telling others about the activity is also common.

    Totally normal, as far as behavior.

    What all that does to your marriage is another significant question.

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