Is it normal to be worried

my family who was always close is now at war over our 91 year old father . most have taken vaccine but i havent and some dont want me visiting my father they say im putting him at rish . now let me explain 2 brothers have taken it and one got serious side effect regarding his heart .another has said he regrets taken it hasnt felt right since .now i have a heart problem and i didnt get it when younger brother got sise effect .my wife also got it and regrets it . now other side who got vaccine and want me to get it have got covid since .i dont go out .i dont mix only go to work and home . but there saying im the risk to my father

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  • First, talk to your Dr about your heart condition and how the Vaccine might affect it.

    Also ask them about the risk factors for your father.

    Make a decision from there..

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  • Meet him outside and keep a little distance between you, should be fine. Don’t get advice from doctors because they’re corrupt and will lie to you about the vaccine.

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  • Take a rapid results test beforehand. Wear a mask when you see your father. Wash your hands before hand. Dont touch him or anything he touches. Dont cough or sneeze. It should be fine. Covid is less contagious when you're asymptomatic. But taking a test can negate all thks.

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  • Vaccine doesn't stop you from getting it or passing it along. It just lessons the effects and severity if you do get it.

    The question here should be, is your father vaccinated and if he has other high risks, if there are still family concerns take additional precautions such as masks and distancing.

    Your vaccinated family is part of the problem. They think it's some magic potion. Unvaccinated people really are only a hazard to themselves. They present no or very little increase danger to others than vaccinated people.

    Matter of fact there is some thought as to they may present less danger, if they take precautions and isolate when and if they start feeling any signs. They get covid and know they have it. Vaccinated people may not even know they have it and may continue normal activities while not taking any precautions. Thus spreading it everywhere they go.

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