Is it normal to be very scared of teachers?

Whenever I am at school I am always scared of them.

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  • Yeah, i would say that normal for like middle schoolers, but eventually everyone hits a point of realisation and starts not to give a fuck bout teachers getting mad at you, like what are they going to do? assault you and get fired?

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  • Please don't be scared of us. You students make me the happiest I am all day, sometimes. I love watching you progress and grow. You have no idea how much of a psycho-social health hazard the staff room can be. You kids are who we *really* work for; not the heads of year or the headteacher.

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  • 80% of the authority that people in authority hold is fear of authority

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  • teachers are really scary this is normal lol

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  • Many teachers are bullies, think its big to push little kids about. At my senior school a teacher punched a boy in the face for not running to him when he called, the boy had only one leg. The class went silent and we knew the teacher was dead. The boys elder brothers were gangsters and run the local protection racket. They killed him.
    P.S. He was always punching boys in the face, the school and all did nothing.

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