Is it normal to be very average?

This is an odd thing amongst humans: you stop acting weird and start acting normal and they treat you like a freak. Weird? I don't think so, it's funny because if, as a unique person, I was weird, then why is my work in a dictionary very average? It looks normal to me! I don't think it's normal to be unique, normal implies you have no originality whatsoever, you're identical to a lot of people. I sit on the couch in front of the TV eating popcorn, I eat restaurant pancakes and drink coffee in the morning and I brush my hair to look plain, simple and neat, average, is that normal?

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  • I can't even comprehend you. Feeling different and needing to fit in are normal, if that is the question.

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    • Very average things, supremely not extraordinary, is the question. Example: a plain charcoal-coloured 'this is what an atheist looks like' shirt would be very average, it's nothing beyond that.

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  • It is weird, because if everything in your life is average your life isn't average, because the average chance that you're in most/everything average is significantly small.

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  • If we are all unique then unique is normal. Normal is basically a fucked up word 😂

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  • By definition average = normal.

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