Is it normal to be unable to read?

I used to read so much, all the time, and I have A* in English, but when I turned 17 I was diagnosed with ADHD and I slowly became unable to concentrate on reading. Now I don't read at all, and I have to use my finger on the page to focus myself on the words and I still struggle to remember the sentence I literally just read. Getting through a chapter is impossible, never mind a whole this normal? I'm 18 by the way. And, like I say, I never used to have any issues with reading until my ADHD developed.

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  • My symptoms of ADHD were masked by my severe anxiety and my autistic traits and that's why it took so long to get a diagnosis. I've had symptoms all of my life but they were perceived to be something else until a psychiatrist realised that my illness had been hidden by my other conditions

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  • I think you have ALS or some incurable disease. You should just go and become a recluse in some cave somewhere and just wait it out.

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