Is it normal to be so tired at 30?

I always loved going to concerts but since just before the pandemic, I've found it extremely difficult and tiring to go to concerts. The travel, the parking, all the walking. Even finding someone to go with is impossible because I have no friends.

It's not about the physicality of it - I'm in good enough shape to walk and travel - but it's just mentally exhausting. And then I can't enjoy myself at the concert. The whole process is too much for me.

Yet I see people literally screaming with exciting over concerts. It makes me so drained and I think I'm too young to feel like this. But I also want to enjoy concerts again because I'm missing out

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  • Maybe you feel existential angst and can't enjoy the present moment? If you worry too much about the future, it could stop you from enjoying the present moment.

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  • Go see a medical physiologist doctor. It could be you have a physical health issue you don't know about. I don't want to scare you. But it's better to find cancer before it spreads. And constant fatigue can have medical causes.

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    • I appreciate this advice. I have recently been back and forth to the doctor and have had some full body scans done. Everything is perfectly normal. Perhaps it's more mental health related, and that can cause tiredness I think?

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  • Supplementation of melatonin seems counterintuitive, but tiredness can result from a deficency in melatonin that messes up your circadian rhythm and interferes with restful sleep. Melatonin deficiency can be caused by calcification of the pineal gland. Make sure you're not drinking unfiltered tap water, and try taking a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar daily (plain, or with a salad) to promote pineal gland function.
    Yes decreased melatonin production is part of aging.

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  • You could get your hormones checked. Also try supplementing DHEA it regulates hormones you can get it at walmart. It raises your testosterone. You know it works if its banned in the NFL.

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