Is it normal to be shamed for taking off for 3 months after pregnancy?

In other countries they all get a year paid by law. In USA you are lucky to get 2-3 months.

Is it normal for employer to shame you for taking the maximum time allowed off for maternity (3 months) to recover from rupture of you know/recovery of body/postpartum depression?

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  • Nah that's fucked up.

    Country with least maternity leave: US
    Country with most zitty, cringe lord school shooters: also US


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  • I try to look from both sides.
    Personally if I owned a business I would try my best not to hire women that are at the pregnancy age, unless they could work from home. I feel for the mothers though my wife was gonna take off for a few months but but we decided her to just quit and stay home but when you start a business you're not doing it to be a charity.

    When theyre gone you're often times scrambling to figure out how to stay afloat without her. My wife did insurance work for a doctors office and they needed her so bad when she quit they offered her crazy stuff to stay on.

    But anyway getting paid for being out of work by law is odd. Is it the employer thats obligated to pay or the government? Why would anyone do business in that country and hire women if the employer had to pay...

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  • That's so rude. There are lots of great things about US and it is a beautiful place but I hope they give new mothers more time off, especially as mothers are contributing a lot to society by carrying on society.

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  • Thats weird. At my job the father gets a month paid if I recall off and the mother gets 3 months. Anything longer is unpaid but your job is secure

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