Is it normal to be scared of your spouse?

My mother told me during her marriage she always tried not to make her husband angry because she was scared of him. He sabotaged her attempt to get a master's degree by refusing to babysit me while she was at classes, constantly put her down and generally has an attitude of sullen hostility. Is that normal in a relationship?

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  • That's abuse by intimidation and passive aggressive behavior. Poor woman.

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  • No, you should feel safe around your partner and they should support you in becoming the best version of yourself. What you’re describing is an abusive relationship and no it’s not normal. I’m sorry you had to grow up in a house with this going on.

    Also fathers don’t “babysit” their children, they parent them.

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  • That guy sounds like a sack of shit.

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  • That some fuck up shit right there,first your dad should have his ass whoop,second when you get married you go from two to one and his ass should have been helping out while your mother was in school.take it from a man point of view if a man hit any woman he's a fucking pussy!!if your parents is still walking on this beautiful land and go off on your mother call me i kick the living shit out of him cause thats noway how you treat women!!!! Just saying

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