Is it normal to be scared of anger?

I've never been able to grasp the "you can be angry at someone and love them idea." Even as a kid, I thought if my parents were angry at me they didn't love me anymore. (And my parents weren't abusive or anything-no corporal punishment or anything like that-but if they so much as scolded me I would get extremely upset). I CERTAINLY didn't get the Christian idea that God was wrathful, but loving. I also try hard to never express anger towards anyone and I was so terrified of making others angry I developed severe social anxiety disorder because I thought it was better to never talk to anyone than risk offending someone. I also have a nonverbal learning disorder which leads to black and white thinking.

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  • Sounds like social anxiety likd you said. You really need the ability to stand up for yourself and make people mad in life. People will walk all over if you cant do that.

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  • “I've never been able to grasp the you can be angry at someone and love them idea."

    This statement fascinates me. I’ve never been able to grasp how some people (like yourself there) can’t reconcile contradiction.

    To me it’s reflex to be able to hold two very contradictory views, and perform the actions associated, without any difficulty.

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  • Completely normal...however, the details for some of us are just a bit tweaked, clearly.

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