Is it normal to be jealous of others pain

you would think most people would feel sorry for other people who get robbed or lose things or someone died in their family.

when that happens to someone i know, i get insanely envious.
because i want that happening to me

i want to have those misfortunes. don't ask. i think my feelings work in a weird way

its like my feelings of sadness is my happiness, and my happiness is my sadness. they're just feelings after all. and whoever said that to be "happy" is to feel "happy"? can't you feel "happy" by being "sad"?


anyway, i get jealous of other people's misfortunes. i have had terrible things in my life too...

but i want it all. the suffering.....
and i know i'd instantly regret it if it happened to me

i don't know why i get angry though. it doesn't make sense

is this normal?
Please if anyone has tips to get rid of this feeling help me cause i hate myself for it

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  • If you're envious because of the attention, care and pity, its sorta understandable. Nutrients not that, there's definitely something wrong and you need therapeutic help. I hope all goes for you.

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  • I think you need professional help, OP. Maybe you're envious of the pity, and sympathy people who have terrible experiences get?

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  • My guess would be what you really want is the attention the person is getting because of the tragedy, not the tragedy itself. But I'm no psychologist.

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    • yeah i guess so, would you have any tips on how to get rid of that feeling and stop trying to seek the atteition and get jealous of it

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      • If you're looking for "tips" to radically change your view of yourself and the world, you're going to be very disappointed.

        Therapy would be a better idea.

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  • I'd say that it's either that you want the sympathy that those people get, or you'd just rather feel the pain than have someone else feel it.

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