Is it normal to be indifferent/repulsed by food?

I feel like my relationship with food is weird. I haven't eaten anything recently that has caused me joy. I ate pizza today, and by the end I was involuntarily gagging (sounds dramatic, I know). Halloween candy was gross to me. I bought a bag of Cheetos, which are my favorite snack, but I didn't like them.
At first I thought it was just junk food, until I ate an apple, cucumber, and a salad, and found the same results. Is this normal? How do I like food again?

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  • Is this recent, or something that has been going on for awhile? If the former, perhaps you're coming down with something? I've gone through weird phases and bugs where I either don't feel hungry or nothing tastes good (or makes me sick). If the latter, it sounds like maybe a visit to the doctor is in order.

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  • Can you taste the food?

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