Is it normal to be in love with your friend?

I have a very special friendship that is sickeningly sweet, but she has a boyfriend. I spent the night with someone else but couldn't perform because I kept thinking about my friend. Then I texted her about it because I was so guilty it felt like I got punched in the stomach. I know it's illogical, but I'm convinced now my feelings are real. Is this normal?

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  • If you actually texted her this knowing she had a boyfriend, no it is not normal. Having feelings for your friend however is normal.

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  • Is it normal to crush on your friend? Yes. When you try to date her when she is dating someone? No.

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    • She's not married. Unless she and the boyfriend have a kid together, or they are declared life partners who just aren't into marriage, there's nothing wrong with trying to steal her away. But he should be open about his intentions and avoid causing the boyfriend needless distress or humiliation. In short this means not sleep with her or try and carry on an emotional affair, but right now he's just looking for a way to make his interest clear. It's okay for him to pursue this so long as he isn't a dick about it.

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  • Wow, she's taken and you texted her anyway? That's grimy, dude. She's off limits, deal with it and move on.

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