Is it normal to be in love with landowner and want to tell them?

Sooooo, I feel weird af by posting this in this forum however I’m out of options. I have a weird attraction to my landlord. I’m at the point where I want to tell them knowing that it’s risky, but I do believe in fairytales and happy endings. I expect nothing but to get this burden off of my chest. I’ve suppressed it for maybe 2 years. We’re literally so close yet so far. I feel when they come home, this person is so helpful just always giving advice and going the extra mile to help when it’s not required even if it’s a personal matter. I date people but feel no connection to them , and there’s only one person I can think about. I think that they do things to get my attention too but I never overstep boundaries. I’m ready to let it out. Could this be the biggest mistake of my life?

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  • No harm in telling them.

    Just don't be too disappointed if they are not immediately interested, or interested at all.

    A decant person will take it as a complement.

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  • Yes, it could be a big mistake.

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  • Be cool about it. you could ask him to come over and say youre cooking or something. Or invite him somewhere with you you dont even have to call it a date when u say it.

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