Is it normal to be healthy on a liquidarian diet?

It's not only healthy for humans, but also for all the other animals and the environment. If I were to feed the thousands in Kenya, things will be better if we made the switch to a liquidarian diet, that is to feed the hungry a potato and leek soup and paper cups of water. The world for one thing needs clean water, which can be bought in the Nairobi shops, for another, nice hot soup is the future norm in Kenyan society as long as I'm selling drinks on a roadside food cart, this is my dream, if I had $49,000 (Australian dollars), or 24,500 jays which is the currency I endeavour to put in the country. (each jay is $2) We would be deprived of starvation and would be healthy once we make the switch to a liquidarian diet, since these countries are lacking in real, solid food. I'm aiming also at making curry soups for Kenya since Kenya has an Indian influence, and herbal tisanes. If I was then to move to India it would be a coriander and chili soup sold in this way, as well as a green tea and mint, that's my dream, and this would be healthy, and will prevent greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, and all the animals will be happy and hence it would be groundless to have a sacred cow if all the Indians made the switch. But some Indians wanting to eat a beefburger, I say it's a sensible idea to give them a mint and potato chowder instead of a beef curry. Is that normal?

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