Is it normal to be attracted to entitled people?

While others may find it annoying/rude when people are entitled and think they deserve everything, I actually... . find it kind of attractive? ? It's also a completely different type of entitlement i find attractive with guys and girls?
Like, the thought of a trust-fund bitch-boy who's worst experience in life is when his dad didn't buy him the right colour BMW for Christmas just .. . is far more my type than it should be.
Not the fact that they have money- the entitled attitude more than anything else.
Along with the false toughness, acting like a bully when on the inside they're a total coward. They think they're better than everyone else but when anything gets real they'll run away.
Why. Is. That. So. Attractive?? ?
I want them to be all bitchy with me but I shut them down and like it adds to their anger?

With women, it's similar but I probably wouldn't argue back? I want them to spit on me.(not literally....)
You've seen everyone complaining about entitled twitch streamer, Invadervie........that kinda type. Calls people (me) poor for not giving her money. She deserves my money.

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  • Maybe you are attracted to these type of people because you feel like you don’t deserve someone who is loving and caring. You should talk about this with someone and try to address where these feelings come from so that you can start working on building healthy and respectful relationships.

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    • I definitely agree with this. I never found this type of behavior attractive, but used to find myself settling for jerks because my confidence was so low that I thought that was the best I could do. They treated me like I was lucky to have them and couldn't do better, and I unfortunately fell for it. Now, not only do I know I CAN do better, but I'd also rather be single for life than be with a jerk.

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  • People like that have no life skills or personality. If you like basic losers who can't change a tire I guess go for it

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  • Not really, sometimes I say horrible things to them in public when nobody else can hear me.

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  • Those people make me sick and I wanna bitch slap every one of them into oblivion.

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  • its cool until ur tied up in a basement ready to be sent off if ur not murdered first. but u do u

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