Is it normal to be aroused by older couples

I was hit on by a senior male female married couple when I was a teen. I consider myself straight but I found myself very open to the wife's desire to see me orally please her husband as her and I had sex. I enjoyed both aspects of the encounter and I did it a few more times and I even allowed the husband to take my ass.

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  • I have always been turned on by older women. They are so much less silly. They are mature and not into gameplaying. The ones I have known are so sexually enjoyable. Not into the male just the single woman or the wife that is not getting satisified at home.

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    • She was pretty good about cutting out game play. She wanted a young cock and she wanted her husband to be apart of it all. Of course I wasn't really into the male male play but I was pretty easy to coax into expanding my sexuality. I look back now and I don't regret her coercing me into bisexuality.

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  • Depends how senior. And no, not the man. yuck

    But then who I'm I to hold back a guy from that which opens his path to glory.

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  • Not normal for a male to male thing,but normal if you joined him in fucking his wife,and you didn't do any penetration with him

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  • Yeah a teenagers should aim for a milf if he’s looking for experience. a bag a leather isn’t going to give you much tips for technique.

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  • Sounds good.

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