Is it normal to be afraid to look at the windmills in texas?

Every time I drive through Texas, I am nervous around the windmills!! It might be silly, but it’s an overwhelming feeling like they are going to come off and cut me up. Like in a horror movie......

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  • If you mean the wind-turbines, yes. They’re disgusting things. I just want to get a giant chainsaw and cut all of them down. Ugh!

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    • You mean use a acetylene cutter right? Outside plating of a windmill might be aluminum but the internal wiring and the rest might make you lose a few teeth.

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  • You're not a bird, so you don't have much to worry about. Wind turbines both amaze and frighten me when I go past them. I always wonder how they're built.

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  • NO!

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  • but when it gets too hot they can turn them big ole fans on

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  • Bad experience with a mobile as a baby perhaps? Maybe childhood trama of sticking your finger in a running fan? Trust me if a windmill is about to collapse you are going to hear it before it collapses those things are loud.

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