Is it normal to be afraid of the future?

I've been thinking a lot in this quarantine, and one of the constant thoughts is about my future. I find myself constantly in conflict between the things I want to do and the things that will give me a financial return. However, most of all, I am afraid of failure. I wanted to know your opinions on this...

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  • I worry about the future for my son. Being a southern white male that doesnt bend over for the mob. Also the housing market is going crazy, inflation is bad, jobs are being automated, college debt is crazy. Idk, I think the most important thing for these younger generation is to keep their guns. Because there may be a civil war coming or government tyranny (south africas farmers) probably coming by way of global communism. Im teaching my boys how to hunt and live off the land just incase. Not trying to be a pessimist but I think its better to be ready for what could happen. I do worry for the future of my sons. Me i dont give a shit I can live in a shit situation i always have.

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  • is perfectly normal to worry about the future but you worry about the future now you're guaranteed to fail later don't worry and you will succeed!

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