Is it normal to be afraid of teachers?

So, all the way back in 5th-7th grade, I had these teachers that would bully me a lot (mostly about my weight). One incident ended with second degree burns down my leg. Ever since I had those specific teachers, I can’t seem to talk to any without having a bit of a breakdown (shaking, sweaty palms, tears, etc). I’m fine with socializing with everyone but it’s just teachers that make me feel that way. I know it sound weird but eh I’m curious.

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  • Completely normal to be afraid of and hate your teachers. Teachers are abusive vile detestable obnoxious assholes who belong in hitler's gas chambers.

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  • Yes, I had 2 teachers that I hated. I dont like them to this day. One of them was my 5th grade teacher. She wouldn't let me go pee. She'd be like "You can wait. We will go in an hour.". You have no idea what kind of bitch this teacher was. She'd always send me to the office over little shit. I remember I saw her again when I was 17 when I was a cashier at walgreens and I know she recognized me but didnt say shit because she knew I hated her.

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  • I think being afraid of teachers in general is probably quite common, but not necessarily normal for most people. However, it's probably normal for you considering your circumstances, and past experiences.

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    • Back in my day teachers were EVIL. Now days you have these angels that make the news for taking their teaching job so serious they teach the boys in the bedroom too! And they're ALWAYS good looking! Wtf, where were they in my middleschool/highschool?

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