Is it normal to be afraid of internet?

People are more likely to insult strangers online. An ordinary person can lose everything by saying something stupid. Ordinary people say stupid things, do stupid things, and get searched all over the world, lose their jobs, lose their reputation, and even commit suicide.

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  • The internet in itself isn't a scary concept. Everyone reading this is on the internet right now.

    It's the people who use the internet for bad rather than good who you need to stay vigilant over.

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  • That’s why my real name isn’t on any social media, the internet cops will never get me...

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  • Then don't be on it.

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  • Hundred percent correct.

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  • Certain aspects of it I suppose. On all accounts where I share personal stuff/"blogposts" I am anonymous nowadays. I am a private person but venting online can still be kinda nice, sometimes people relate. On public pages I hardly share anything besides photos, especially not specific locations where I am at and stuff like that. Only family and close friends need to know that stuff. You're at risk but you are irl too so... Just dont be dumb about what you post pretty much.

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  • The only thing I find scary about the internet is the fact that you can get viruses from things you download off of it.

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  • I'd say that you are asking the right question.

    There is a lot of good about the internet.

    But, there is a lot of abuse and bad here too...

    Being scarred and a bit afraid - and doing things cautiously is a good thing.

    In my case for certain business transactions I allow my computer to be tracked and use my real name and my personal email address.

    For many other things (such as this) I use VPN to shield my internet and computer, Firefox (set on maximum privacy settings) or Tor browser so no one can track which sites I have been too if they gain access to my computer, and use untraceable & legally unrecoverable email addresses set up with alias names if needed. May I suggest "" for an email address. The information cannot be gotten with a legal summons or warrant.

    I hope this helps,

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