Is it normal to be addicted to this?

I am addicted to loud and messy blow jobs. Lots of loud slurping and drooling slobber. When I get done using a woman's face it looks like a fucking cream pie had been smashed into it. Can this be normal?

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  • I'm a male and Enjoy having that done to me, My thoughts are if I'm going to Allow you to Fuck my mouth and Face you and me Better enjoy it

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  • The louder the better, I love getting it rammed in my mouth, drooling & chocking on it. Drool pouring out whilst I suck & gag makes my pants very wet

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  • That's why women were created. To get throat fucked and gag on cum.

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  • Sounds normal, but what flavor cream pie are we talkin bout....

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  • How loud?
    Like loud like a jet plane?
    Loud like a train crash?
    Loud like a Trump tweet?

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  • The normality of it is directly proportional with the percent of women you can recall were still able to smile after leaving them with a face looking like a fucking cream pie had been smashed into it. Basically it's normal to have fun the way it pleases you, as long as you care enough for their fun too and not force them into something they don't like at all (or worse, get a kick out of seeing they hate it).

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  • That's very extreme, but normal I guess.

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