Is it normal to be a workaholic?

I would label myself as a workaholic. If im not doing something productive, I feel like I'm just wasting time. I find it difficult to rest and working puts me at ease once I have accomplished something.

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  • What was your family life like growing up, OP?

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    • I grew up in a low middle class home. My family always had food on the table but that was it. If I wanted new clothes or something else I had to earn it usually by doing chores. And then eventually, sometimes months later after asking for it, such as new shoes because I had a hole in my current pair, I would get it. Looking back the constant amount of work I tasked myself with to recieve things has shaped who I am

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  • It's not healthy to be any sort of "aholic", especially if it means you never or rarely relax or rest and if it adversely affects people close to you.

    It's OK to be busy and like achieving things, but carrying it to extremes isn't a good idea.

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  • Yes. Last year I worked for 16 hours per day every day of the year without any holidays and now I’m swimming in cash.

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  • Yes and no. It's fine if you have a hot wife, big house and kids. It is not fine if you're burning midnight oil on holidays, not getting laid and lusting after the office cleaning lady.

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