Is it normal to be a shopaholic ?

Is it normal to be shopaholic when you don't even need specific item and still buys even latter on you feel you made wrong decision,

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  • When spending too much money will result in you eating rice for the rest of the week until payday you'll stop.

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  • No, a friend of mine has this and is so annoying she is talking all the time about stuff to buy and has a huge house full of stuff useless, which makes it difficult to invite people and such. Can become an addiction to substitute some needs.... Try to understand why you do it and try then to change the pattern. For example you could invest the money if you have it to make something more meaningful, like travel vacation or a course or a book, sport or theater cinema something giving you a less material outcome. Good luck!

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  • If you have the budget. But a therapist would surely be of greater help.

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