Is it normal to be a purist and traditionalist?

In Adelaide I see a lot of traditionalistic people, especially mutton dressed as lamb, whether male or female. In the light of my life I try to fit in by following the current traditions, with polka, folk music, bluegrass, blues, jazz, swing, calypso, reggae, black metal music, classical music, and formerly, wine, I'm a purist, with the rest of the things, I'm a traditionalist. But I'm purist with several things for the sake of authenticity. I believe in the ten music genres in purism to listen to music of the mainstream, I developed all this liking for all those except polka in one day, a few years later I became a polka purist. I've been a purist for a long time and I'm glad I listen to the real thing. As a traditionalist I take a wild mushroom vegan fricassee or accept old words, not new ones, and even have an old school radio. Is any of this normal?

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