Is it normal to be a “height discriminator”?

Well, I’m not saying I like “Hate” people who are bigger or taller than me? But just saying, is it normal to think people who are taller or bigger than you can maybe do things YOU can’t do? Is that normal to always have thoughts about how tall people are in their real normal lives?

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  • I'm 6 foot 6. I look at normal sized people, and I envy you. You can fit in a regular car. You don't have to go buy clothes in a special store. You never bumped your head on a low ceiling or door frame. You can blend into a crowd. You can sleep in a bed without your feet hanging off the end. Your T-Shirts aren't $50 each. You'll probably also live longer. The world is designed around your stature. Taller people can do things shorter ones can't - and shorter people can do things tall ones only dream about.

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  • It's normal to sometimes resent people who have any sort of advantage that you don't have. Taller people get more attention, they can see the stage at concerts, they have better job prospects, etc. That can mean feeling ignored, having my view of the concert blocked, and losing out on job opportunities. I have to remind myself that it's not the tall person's fault they're tall.

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  • I sometimes get jealous of taller people, mostly because they can naturally run faster, but as Anonnet pointed out being average height means I never hit my head. I also always have leg room and can easily sleep on most sofas.

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  • Voted no, but I don't really know. Whenever I see a tall guy, my first thought is "wow, that's dude's TALL"... followed by nothing else. The fact that he's tall basically becomes his entire personality in my mind, but it's not associated with anything.

    I'm slightly shorter than average, but I'm not a basketball player so nothing really comes to mind of what he can do that I can't. Besides be constantly aware of the top frames of doors.

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  • I’m a member of the tall race and yes we can grab top shelf items for little old ladies at the grocery store.

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