Is it normal to be 7 feet 3 inches?

I was 6feet 5 inches when I was 12 and I stopped growing when I was 17 I guess.

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  • This dude at work has gotta be 7 foot. Im 6'3 with my shoes on and he drawfs me. I look like a child next to him. Im used to almost always being the tallest guy in the room and it freaks me out. I tried to get him into boxing when I was younger he'd have made a lot of money even if he sucked

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  • Unless you're as tall as Yao Ming.

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  • Surely being that tall would be somewhat disabling?

    It reminds me of an article I saw years ago of a slender 7’4” man being sent to prison who begged to get community service instead because he feared the merciless height related bullying he would endure. He had spent £20,000 modifying his house to make it comfortable for him.

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