Is it normal to associate short haired women with lesbians?

Before you ask:

Yes, I'm aware not all of the women who have short hair are lesbian however....

I often associate short haired women with lesbians it's only because I've met a few short haired women who are lesbian, I wonder if my association is normal. Perhaps I'm looking at things in another perspective or I'm reading it too far.

Is the association normal?

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  • Depends a lot on age. I've also found it depends on the role they sometimes see themselves as, the masculine or feminine one.

    Hair is still being used to send that message as purple said, however, it can be color, style,(long but side shaved), or even hair clips or other jewelry or tats.

    Many ways, but a lot don't advertise at all. Also just assuming it's a sign could be dead wrong some people just like the style or rainbows or whatever you think they maybe be doing or using to send the sign.

    Just ask if you're wondering, I have no problem if somebody ask me. If I wasn't and somebody ask, I would like to know why they thought that.

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  • There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, you bigot.

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  • Ive only met one lesbian and she had long blonde hair.

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  • While it's a lot less common these days, hair was at one point used to send messages. The gay/lesbian scene, the punk scene, the hippie scene, and many others have used hair to send a message to the desired recipient; subtly or boldy.

    There are certain moustache styles that are associated with gay men for very similar reasons. It was at one point trendy with that group of people.

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