Is it normal to ask stupid questions?

Is it normal to ask stupid is it normal to breathe??

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  • I think you just asked one?

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  • Its totally normal on this site for people to ask stupid questions.

    We even get people who ask intelligent or serious questions too....

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  • Sometimes.

    Sometimes people have brain farts.

    Sometimes people are rightfully ridiculed for being fucking stupid.

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  • No question is stupid unless one says so.

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  • tell me.

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  • To me, a question is only stupid if:

    A) The answer is way too obvious

    B) The post is clearly a troll or

    C) The question gets asked over and over, sometimes by the same person. There's this guy on an art forum I go to and he asks the same question every week. It's at a point where people block him, insult him, and ignore his posts and comments. XD

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  • There are no stupid questions, when on 100mg

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  • It depends if someone is asking something for their own active betterment (not a stupid question) or if they're pretending to be, I'll say stupid, in which case I'll answer such that complies with their professed lack of intelligence

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  • No is normal. When i meet new ppl i ask if they fart. This is a good icebreaker

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