Is it normal to always have the urge to blur my eyes in and out of focus

I cant sleep untill Ive done it three times. Its like an itch I need to scratch and its getting worse as i write this i hate it what can i do

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  • Ocd?

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  • I have stuff like that too, it sucks bro
    For me its like making clicking or popping noises or the v noise
    Im truly sorry, for I dont know how to stop it, but maybe if theres any way to distract yourself from it?
    Good luck!

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  • It's normal, I do stuff like that too. I'm constantly making my eyes go into double vision, so that I can split things in two, and then controlling how far apart they go. Like for one of the duplicates of an object, I'll try to control it so that it reaches another certain object, just as a challenge to myself. Plus if there's a light, I'll always squint to make it look like it's shooting two beams out of it, and then try to make the beams stretch out until they hit a certain object.

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  • I have things like that too. For me it's coughing and clearing my throat by making a growling noise, and it's constant.

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  • those magic eye things never worked for me

    i can see the image but it always appears to drop into the page insteada comin outta the page

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