Is it normal to always be stressed at work?

I work in accounting for a company involved with IT work with the federal government. There’s always some sort of problem and crisis and me, as well the rest of my team are always stressed ou. It feels like it’s never ending, is this how it is in the corporate world or is unusual?

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  • Normal, but also inefficient and unhealthy

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  • I'd say that is of the norm. If, however, you find the stress to be unbearable, then I'd seek reemployment into a less stressful profession. You're physical and mental health should be a top priority.

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  • Uh, yeah. It’s normal

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  • I don't work in corporate, but whenever it gets busy, I get really stressed out. At least you are not alone in it...perhaps in time you will get used to it

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  • Its normal, corporate work is like this.

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  • The corporate world is unnatural, but not unusual. The root of constant anxiety is always physical, and typically involves your breathing. Don't mouth-breathe under any circumstances. Look up buteyko breathing.

    One of the best things to destroy cortisol (the stress hormone) is sugar. Folks on keto and other short-sighted diets are in a constant state of stress. It's a decent way to lose weight short-term, at the cost of your long-term metabolism. In any case, snack on something sugary (preferably ripe fruit) throughout the day. It'll make a big difference to your stress.

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