Is it normal to adopt a new religion?

This is about the truth OK? I'm not going to have people ignore the truth, as people aren't ready for reality, and you're going to get reality in your face. I knew I needed a new religion, because the other religions were causing tension, because they control, and I need to be back to my original self since I denounced atheism: I specifically from now on only follow omnism, Angelici and the Necronomicon and that's it and will stick to them for the rest of my life. The sect of omnism I believe in is the one that's opposed to dogmatism and open to potential truths from all religions, and all the religions I now follow are religions without a boss, without rules, and they don't suck all the fun out of my life. These religions I know are right for me, Luciferianism wasn't working, and nor was Puritanism, people don't think their morals are a fair thing. I don't need moral religions and I don't need dogma, I need to be totally free. Is that normal?

Is It Normal?
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