Is it normal to absolutely despise someone over this?

At work, there was this lady who kept making false accusations most of them were probably enough to send me to jail. One day she lied to the boss about me it was severe that I lost my job turned out she also did this to other people and the worse part that piece of shit was getting away with this.

When the truth came out I got my job back but the lady got what she deserves... she was fired even if she is fired I'm hoping to legally sue her for the damage she did to me.

I won't have a lying piece of shit, trying to destroy lives of people who are trying to live a normal life.

In short: I legit hate people who falsely accuse people.

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  • Yep...sounds normal to me. Pretty sure there's not anyone that wouldn't despise someone for falsely accusing them of doing something they didn't do. Don't know why this is a question.

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  • I've had people do that to me before I fucking HATE that shit!!!

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