Is it normal, though you try your hardest not to, but end up having hu

I am a happily married man and love my wife. I work with 40 goodloooking women at work and 1 other man. I have no choice but to work with them. I work a lot with one woman that is soon to be engaged and that i am assigned to so we work practicly side by side all the time and of course we share stories and sometimes intimate problems we have between spouses while driving to places we have to go to. We even open the doors for one another to be nice. When others ask us to go outside for a break we have to include each other. Its getting slowly heated up between us and we playing like it isnt but we are a man and a women with arousing similarities since we are always close. Is it normal to obsess over a coworker i have to work with, with constant looks by each other where we even get caught watching one another walk and looking at each others goods?

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  • Boy you are headed down a slippery slope towards divorce, losing your kids, if you have them, and probably your job, too. All for what, a piece of strange?
    Get a grip buddy and grow up!

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  • I usually don't have these problems because of my gas problem. Usually women can't come within 3 feet of me without getting disgusted. I'm constantly gassing everyone out and have to take fart walks all the time

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  • Don't do it.
    I'm probably way to young to really understand the depth of this but please listen to the gypsy sailor.

    Are you even sure this woman is attracted to you. Men have a tendency to see sexual attraction where women only see kindness and friendship.

    And should you actually make a move keep in mind that you could not only ruin your marriage but her's too.

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  • You look at each others goods? haha thats so funny.

    You shouldn't though if you a married man keep that shit tied down.

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  • No I dont see how anyone would believe this was normal. I mean when I am with someone I dont go wanting to sleep with every other person I see. I stay loyal to that person. Keep it in your pants buddy. I totally agree with what gypsy said.

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  • You know what you're doing (so does she) and you're probably going to cheat and screw your wife over. Shame on you. You're trash.

    Stupid guy.

    How would you feel if your wife was doing exactly the same thing with some guy at work?

    You'd be really hurt, probably emotionally scarred and then you'd probably never trust another woman again.

    And yes it's normal to start getting horny and develop emotions for people at work especially since you're intentionally flirting with her and her you dummy.

    Over the lifetime of your long term relationships there will always be stale moments and others you get horny for and even develop emotional feelings for if you allow yourself.

    That's why it's called a COMMITMENT.

    Stop acting like an ignorant moron. You know better.

    You're not only going to ruin your wife's life, your life, but also the girl's fiance's life.
    Don't be trash.

    This is partially why great smart guys like me can't trust girls/women and don't get married.

    They are so easily seduced and willing to cheat.

    It seems most people today are trash, they have no respect for a commitment or what someone does for them. It's all about ' me me me ' and it's ruining society.

    I think you're on here looking for guys to tell you to go for it to try to give yourself the green light.

    If you cheat once, you'll cheat again. Say bye bye to your life as you know it.

    So to summarize:

    Yes it's 'normal' to develop feelings for someone at work that you're attracted to because you're allowing it but it's not normal to cheat azzhole.
    Don't be trash.

    Btw, what job do you have that you've got only one male coworker and so many female coworkers?

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    • I agree, it is normal to develop sexual feelings for a person, but to just go ahead and cheat? That right there is a major no no. And plus you're married? You can't just do that around you're wife's back. No matter if you're cheating or not, it's still wrong. You wouldn't like if you're wife was doing the same thing behind you're back, now would ya? -_- It wouldn't feel so good eh? So stick to your right mind, or would you rather fuck it all up with a stupid mistake.

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  • Hm...Well I dunno, If your wife had an attractive male co-worker she shared arousing interests with, would that be just peachy? Think about it :/

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  • pics when it happens...

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  • You should cum in all 40 of them including the one guy in the shortest period of time you can manage.

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  • Yeah...

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