Is it normal they did that

So I was standing relaxing in a calm street and a cute girl passed right in front of me and the wind kept lifting her skirt. I took out my phone and before she was too far I discretly started filming.I thought she wouldnt see but an older woman behind (she was pregnant or atleast I think she was) saw that and grabbed me hard by the ear and started walking quickly towards the other girl.

I didnt dare punch her, push her or anything as I did not want to injure her. Then she told the other girl what happened. The Girl took the phone from me and I tried to push her and jump at her to take it back but she kneed me in the nuts quite hard and I fell down.

Then she deleted the pictures and video, and threw the phone on my stomach very hard. I couldnt even know if the stomach pain was from the phone or the knee, it felt like hell and the other pregnant girl said:"hopefully that was worth it". Why do these b---- do stuff like that? All because of a photo? Is that even normal?

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  • you were wrong to take the picture, but the lady was wrong to grab you and force you thats assault and you can get her for that,

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  • Good for them! It's not your place to take pics, or videos of other people without their permission... and also, you smell like you just crawled out from under a bridge.

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