Is it normal that when i wear a mask in public, i make funny faces?

Whenever I go out wearing a mask in public, I take advantage of the situation and like, make funny faces and stick my tongue out at random people and nobody notices, I find it hilarious that I can make stupid faces at people and they don't even know.

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  • Lol totally. You wouldn't believe the stuff I do under my mask.

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    • I tried not wearing a mask at work today and was acutely aware that I couldn’t smirk at dumb kids or random funny memes that float through my head without looking like a weirdo. COVID can suck my dick but I’ll be keeping my black work mask for as long as I work there now, I’m too used to being incognito.

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  • Hilarious 😂

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  • Lol, that's hilarious. I haven't heard of anyone doing that, but it's completely find.

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  • I find it harder to listen to people with masks, covid showed me how much I read people's lips

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  • I wore the mask for like 1 week when covid first started and it was all mysterious but I havent worn one since.

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