Is it normal that the way my ex touched me makes me nauseous?

To preface this, I'm a trans man and my ex was aware of this.
He would get upset when I wore my chest binder and in sexual situations he would fixate on my chest area, I wasn't comfortable with this but trying to bring it up made him upset so I felt guilty and just went with it.
I haven't seen him in a year, but I still get sick thinking of it.

Is this normal?

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  • To still feel nauseous after a year seems very extreme and in my opinion would be linked to hatred of your own body.

    Your ex was insensitive to disregard your feelings, but if you went along with it rather than upset him that wasn't a good basis for a relationship.

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  • It’s the same thing as if you were sexually assaulted by someone, it’d make you feel sick. You told them not to and they acted like a victim so you’d let them anyways, it’s completely normal.

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  • he should respect your body and your requests , although it must have been really bad if it still bothers you now. therapy or counciling might help

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