Is it normal that suicide and death is interesting to me?

I have recently realised that I'm a fairly dark individual, i hide behind a false happy personality that i faked years ago so that i could help make friends in school (I'm 20 years old now btw), which has sort of become part of me, and realised that i think casually about suicide all the time, over the smallest things, i even dream about different ways of doing it at night. (however i don't believe that i would ever do it, the thoughts just cross my mind) I get interested by stories on the internet about suicides and murderers and hope there is footage, i know that it sounds bad here but i was just wondering, is it normal that i think these things? or should i talk to a professional about it? i mean surely others must be like me,

P.s sorry its so long

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  • We all think about weird everyone does.
    So if all this thoughts are not actually harming your daily life its okay. Everyone has curiosity about somethings yours a bit dark that all

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  • No that's not normal.

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  • well i think about other people killing themselves a lot. thats what i thought you meant , so i think im normal. dont ever kill yourself because it final . I dont know anyone that killed himself on purpose making it not a normal thing to be doing. I'm not like a dam Muslim that thinks virgins will be waiting after a suicide bombing so if you are a muslim just kill yourself dead and leave everyone else alive and get your damn virgins, although the way you treat women no wonder you have so many dead virgins hell some of the 6 year olds children even die losing virginity hope you dont get stuck with 75 of them . I went off on a tangent sorry , suicide right , i dont see that catching on in the USA except with the veterans of war that did more murdering the unarmed women and children than armed men. And i dont remember North Vietnam having a veteran suicide problem like we had. so i say if you havent killed no one you have no reason to kill anyone including yourself. you are already better than they are.

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  • That's not good.

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