Is it normal that sometimes i feel ok with dying?

Sometimes I feel like I'm just OK with dying, like I don't wanna put a gun to my head or anything I just feel like if I was murdered or something I would be fine with that.

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  • Death is the only certainty there is.

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  • I feel like that 100% of the time. i feel like i’m constantly waiting for someone to murder me or for a “tragic” accident to happen.

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  • For better or worse.
    I've seen folks go through worse then I've ever seen.
    Then, go on.
    To see a life I'd envy.
    You can cash in your chips at any time.
    You're no better off/ no worse off.
    Everyone dies, same ending.
    Just a matter of time, nothing more.
    That said, once you're dead.
    It's over.
    Live while you're alive, enjoy it.
    Because once you do go.
    That's it.
    True, there's no more pain.
    There's also, no joy, no good times, no good memories to make.
    I'm glad to die about 65, or 70.
    Body starts to fail anyway.

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  • Being murdered must be painful!

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  • It's maybe not normal.
    But I totally relate.
    The only thing holding me back, is usually those I care about.
    Because I take care of things better then anyone else.
    Life isn't always roses.
    But, sometimes things get a lot better..
    My life's kinda a roller coaster.
    I never have things like, trump level easy.
    But, I'm not digging in garbage can either.

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  • Same

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  • i feel like inside, i would be ok with just disappearing and dying sometimes.. but then i think about my family and i feel like it could destroy them so then i feel bad about it.

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  • I think that as well. However, I do cringe at the idea of such damage being done to my body, as well as the pain.

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