Is it normal that she acted this way?

I have a friend who is very touchy and flirts with me when we are in front of our friends/public. Even her friends would sometimes tease her about it, and she would become quiet and embarrassed afterwards. When we are alone, she's not touchy/flirty. She never initiates calls or texts. Most of the time she would never reply to my texts or answer my calls. I tried asking her to hangout and she just changed the topic. Is it normal that she acted this way?

We are both girls. Right now both of us are ignoring each other.

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  • She's playing a silly childish game, so don't take part in it. I had a friend like that, to whom I was sexually attracted and she knew it, who used to be very physically affectionate with me, verging on sexual, when she was drunk but never when she was sober.

    Actually, she's still a friend after 40 years, maybe I'll ask her if she remembers it? It used to drive me nuts.

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