Is it normal that one one of my balls retracts itself?

When I nut my right (and only my right) testicle retracts deep within my body. I've always wondered if anyone else experienced this but could never ask.

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  • Coming in for a landing.

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  • I guess it's normal. My boyfriend's does it. I like to tell him something along the lines of "ooh! I emptied out all your cum!"

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  • Completely normal. Some guys have both balls go up. And a little short-term pain is also normal. Careful if this happens when having sex because your nut in that canal could get in a certain spot and get smashed between your pelvic bone and her. OUCH! As long as it goes back down, you're good. If it stays up for days, time to see a doc.

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  • I've seen that happen in a couple of amateur porn videos, so you aren't unique - unless you're the guy in the vids.

    More seriously:

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  • That happens to me bro, good to know I'm not alone. About to go hard now and see if it happens again.

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  • If you stop jerking off so much this kinda stuff wouldn't happen.

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