Is it normal that my wife makes me wear her clothes

Like bras thong g-strings v-strings dresses skirts nighties high heels blouse im fit young male. let me know if it happents to you and why ladis would you do that??? also she likes putting makup on me and use a buttplug threw out the day

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  • Well, if you enjoy it, I see no harm in doing it.
    However, if you're uncomfortable with it, tell her.
    Or you'll be one unhappy husband.

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  • It is quit normal to engage in sexual oriented play where clothes are used as a stimulant and the dressing in the partners or other gender clothes and role play are common. There is no harm when you do this in the confines of your relationship. And it can provide vast possibilities for interactions both in the bedroom and impulse acts between the two of you in extraordinary situations, such as when traveling or just feeling daring. All without the chance of harm to anyone.

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