Is it normal that my usual fun suddenly feel unacceptable?

Suddenly I feel like I'm being judged for doing anything I thought was fun just a moment ago. Out of nowhere, my writer's block gets worse. Video games suddenly lose their appeal. I can't even put my headphones in without feeling ashamed. What's worse is that just standing around gives me the compelling feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something.

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  • That can be due to several factors.

    It's part of growing up - and we often move beyond things we did in the past. This is normally related to finding new more exciting things to do.

    It can be from certain health issues or mental health issues. In those cases we tend not to find other things to do.

    Should your situation be the later one; then I suggest that you need to either see a Dr. or a good counselor; and perhaps both to find out what is going on and how to address things so you can have a productive future...

    I wish you well in this,

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  • Start hitting the gym. You'll feel euphoric when you get done and you'll be doing something actually productive.

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  • I’m not sure but doesn’t that sometimes have something to do with ocd?

    Some of the users on here might know.

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  • What happened? It seems to me like something happened very recently.

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  • Sounds like you’re going through some kind of depression. I have mdd and I’ve experienced varying levels of that. Sometimes it just kinda fluctuates from non existent almost to complete apathy and unwillingness to even get out of bed. Sometimes you just have to talk about it with someone and keep trying to take care of yourself while you wait it out. Wishing you the best man.

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