Is it normal that my sister made me have sex with her

We were only very young kids but she was a lot older than me.
I remember a few times we were in a bedroom and she made me put my penis in her vagina. I didn't think it was wrong or right at the time and I didn't think of it for years. I just wish it was totally out of my head completely.

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  • Normal childhood exploration and naughtiness

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  • No it was wrong for her to take advantage of you. Your sister is sick in the head.

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  • Look it wasnt your falt so dont get annoyed about it, try to forget it or give yourself some piece of mind by talking about it

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  • wow. An incest story that wasnt made up by some troll. Sorry about your pain by the way. Have you ever confronted your sister about this?

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  • The same thing happened to me, except I'm a girl. After I told my mom and got it off my chest i don't feel that wrong anymore. Just make sure you don't keep it all locked up.

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  • From what I understand, this event that occurred a long time ago is still in your mind. You need to let go. I agree with "keyno", see a professional counselor about this.

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  • That's not your fault, but it's something that may well cause you a lot of agro in the future. Have you had a sexual relationship with anyone yet? If not, what your sister had you do may cause a lot of reprocussions at that time. It's not normal, and shouldn't have happened, but it doesn't need to get in the way of your life.
    I'd be tempted to visit a councellor and seeing what they can do for you.

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